Monday, April 27, 2009

The Reading List

Interesting Articles and Resources from About Nonprofits and Philanthropy

Philanthropy's Information Revolution: "The Googlization of philanthropy is about organizing knowledge to allow for smarter giving by more people. Most important, the Googlization of philanthropy means that organizing the information will not be done by the information creators, but by third parties and — excitingly — the people who want to consume that information." From the Chronicle of Philanthropy via the Tactical Philanthropy Blog

Helping Themselves: "With fewer donations and declining investments, nonprofits are thinking creatively about cutting costs and raising revenue." From the Wall Street Journal

Giving Sector Needs to Adapt to the Economic Crisis: "Three new studies underscore the need for givers and nonprofits alike to change the way they operate." From the Stanford Social Innovation Review

Madoff Scandal Provides Painful Lesson in Board Investment Policymaking: "Nothing absolves the board from its single most important responsibility as a fiscally accountable body of trustees – that of acknowledging the responsibilities that come with being a beneficiary of the public trust." From BoardSource

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