Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where in Colorado? For September

Each month, we feature a photo taken during our travels around Colorado. Last month, we featured this photograph. We had four correct guesses, with Abby Landmeier of Western Colorado Suicide Prevention Foundation submitting the first correct answer. Abby gets a free copy of CRC's toolkit, Fundraising: Essential Strategies for Fundraising Success During an Economic Downturn.

Take a guess for this month's "Where in Colorado?" photo. We will offer one hint - this image is from one of CRC's 2009 Rural Philanthropy Days regions.

Start guessing!

The Reading List: Grant writing, Grant management, and Foundations

Want to learn more about grant writing, grant management, and foundations? Check out these resources:

Colorado Grants Guide - CRC published both a hard copy and online, searchable database.

Colorado Common Application and Report website - contains the forms, a list of funders accepting the CGA and CGR, and a comprehensive user's guide to help you improve your grant applications

CRC's Grant Seeking Clinic - want to learn about grantwriting or improve your grantwriting skills? Sign up for this two and a half day class.

New Colorado Common Grant Report Released!

The Colorado Common Grant Report Revision Committee is proud to announce the release of a revised Colorado Common Grant Report (CGR).

Over the past year, over sixty leaders in Colorado's nonprofit and foundation communities joined together in an extensive process to revise the CGR so it dovetails with the Common Grant Application (CGA) and supports nonprofit best practices for reporting on grant awards. The revised CGR's questions are designed to elicit key information about a nonprofit's experiences during the grant period, and the forms follow deliberately streamlined flow to complement the CGA.

Revisions to the CGR will save nonprofits time and effort related to creating different reports for multiple funders, while affording grant makers and grant seekers the convenience of working from a common set of questions that reinforce solid nonprofit practices. Additionally, the revised CGR brings two main enhancements designed to simplify the user experience- a dedicated website (http://www.coloradocommongrantforms.org/) and a User's Guide. The User's Guide adds clarity to the application process and is especially valuable for less experienced grant writers and those new to the CGA and CGR.

Currently, more than 90 of Colorado's funders accept the CGR, CGA, or both, with more joining the group each week. An updated list of funders accepting the CGA and CGR is available at http://www.coloradocommongrantforms.org/.

If you would like to learn more about the revised CGR and how your organization can develop a strong CGR template, consider attending a low-cost informational session outlining major changes in the CGR. These sessions are being offered around Colorado through a collaboration between the Community Resource Center, the Colorado Nonprofit Association, and JVA Consulting. Please visit http://www.coloradocommongrantforms.org/ for the complete list of planned informational session dates and locations statewide.