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The following is an interview with one of our 2010 participants about his experience in the 2010 Leadership Program

Terrance Roberts, Executive Director, The Prodigal Son Initiative. The organization provides a wide variety of opportunities such as, after school programs, leadership training and gang violence prevention to help the youth of the Northeast Park Hill community succeed. PSI is changing the lives of young people and helping to revive one of Denver’s most dangerous neighborhoods by bridging ethnic, economic and cultural divides. http://www.prodigalsoninc.org/

1. How have you become a better leader as a result of your participation in CRC’s Leadership Program?

I got a chance to really talk to other leaders and executive directors who were having the same struggles that I was having. We were able to learn together and discuss the challenges of fundraising, staying organized, marketing, personal leadership styles, etc. The high quality training opportunities, coupled with the group activities with other leaders around the state really helped me see my potential and growth. This let me know more of what I needed to be doing to become a more effective leader for my organization and community.

2. What specific technical or management skills have you learned and implemented within your organization?

I have begun to reach out to more funders and personal donors. I have always had a problem asking for resources and money, which is not a good problem to have when running a charitable organization. After the session where CRC had the different foundation leaders and donors discuss what they wanted to see in an organization, and how they would like to be approached, I felt far more confident in reaching out to potential donors and funders and am doing it regularly now!

3. What was your greatest “take away” from the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center’s Executive Leadership Course?

The rock climbing excursion! I was scared to death on the rock, but when I got the encouragement from the other leaders that I would not fall to the ground if I trusted in their abilities to do their job, I was able to make it all the way to the top of a 100 foot rock! It taught me a lesson about trusting others to do their job so I can go on and do my job. I really needed to learn that lesson.

4. What personal insights have you made as a result of the coaching you received in CRC’s Leadership Program?

I learned that my leadership style is communicated very differently than others. I am always more aware now about how others may be interpreting things I say or do. This is the lifeblood of my business - communication.

5. Do you have other thoughts or comments you would like to make about your experience with CRC?

I thought the entire experience was absolutely great! It was informative, I made a ton of new friends, and I will always remember the experience like going to high school or something of that effect. I think we all will!

6. Would you recommend the Colorado Nonprofit Leadership and Management Program to other ED’s across CO? If so, why?

Of course I would! First of all, if anyone is a new executive director or is planning to take on a major leadership role, then they need to learn to feel comfortable exchanging ideas with others. It is imperative for leaders to be able to learn and discuss certain aspects of the challenges and joys of leadership together. They need to develop trust. Being considered a leader is an honor that no one can truly understand unless they have been in that position and able to discuss their challenges with a group and to learn how to manage that roll and the nonprofit business effectively. CRC’s Leadership Program offered me these opportunities and much, much more. It has been a life altering experience!

The program fills quickly so apply now if you are interested! For more information, please refer to our website www.crcamerica.org or call Carol Crawford at 303-623-1540 x 13.

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