Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where in Colorado? May

Take a guess for a chance to win the 2009-2010 Colorado Grants Guide.

Each month, we feature a photo taken during our travels around Colorado. Last month, we featured this photograph of a snowman in Gunnison. Congratulations to Joan Sweere. She wins a copy of the Colorado Grants Guide. Thanks for participating!

For this month's "Where in Colorado?" and in honor of Colorado Archaeology & Historic Preservation Month, we are inviting guesses on a photo from a different part of Colorado.
What is Colorado Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month? Archaeology & Historic Preservation Month is a celebration of our state’s heritage. Help spread the word that preserving the past is important. Saving significant prehistoric and historic places ensures that future generations in Colorado will maintain a connection with our shared cultural legacy.


  1. Douglas County School District Admin Building

  2. Boulder?

    Karen Koenemann- Red Ribbon Project