Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Great Volunteer Relationship Creates an Exponential Effect

Everyone wins, the volunteer, the organization, the community and those being served.

I am both fortunate and exhilarated to have a great volunteering relationship with the Community Resource Center (CRC). I selfishly began volunteering at CRC as a way to feel useful, to connect with others and keep my skills honed during a period of unemployment. What I have received is more than I could have imagined.

While volunteering at CRC, I have felt useful, connected to people and have used my skills in service to the organization. By virtue of CRC’s mission of providing a continuum of services to nonprofits throughout Colorado, I have connected with so many amazing individuals with incredible dedication, heart and smarts, all willing to give, share and contribute. I am now fortunate to have many professional peer relationships both within and outside the organization.

In addition, CRC provided the opportunity for me to contribute in a way that is fulfilling and meaningful, through their Statewide Coaching Initiative, Onsite Trainings, Executive Leadership Program and Volunteer Engagement. I have coached executives; developed and conducted public trainings; assisted, trained and coached aspiring leaders, and recruited additional volunteers. At a broader level, my volunteering has assisted CRC in meeting their organizational goals and objectives. I’m fortunate that I am able to immediately see the fruits of my labor.

Volunteering with CRC has been a labor of love. I am both blessed and grateful.

Cindy Sorensen

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